Husband’s lingering ex girlfriendĀ 

My husband and I have been married for 2 years now. When I first met him there was immediate controversy. Before My husband met me, he was with his previous fiance for 3 years. In that time, his fiance got extremely close to his whole family and friends. When they broke up and my husband met me, his friends and family were hesitant to get to know me. Before my husband and I got married, his mother kept his ex around all the time and still does to this very day. His ex doesn’t have family of her own so I can somewhat understand her gravitating to my husband’s family but after 2 years of marriage and having a son who is now 1 years old, I feel like it’s time to let go of this ex. My husband hated his relationship with this woman and has strongly expressed his emotions to all of his friends (who still hangs out with her as well) and family but they continue to keep her around. He mentioned she is a type of woman who would try to get between us but his mother just sees her as a saint. Everybody is so upset that my husband decided to marry me instead of his ex. My husband has not spoken to his mother for over a year. Thanksgiving of 2015 was the last time they spoke. My mother in law had his ex over for Thanksgiving  and my husband was outraged by it so he made his way over and ruffled some feathers. As my husband was leaving, my mother in law shouted to my husband that “he should get a DNA test for his son.” Our son was only 2 weeks old on that thanksgiving day, everyone knows I’m not one who would ever sleep around on my husband, she said it in pure malice. Ever since that day, he has not spoken to his mother but yet his whole family and friends are even more close to this ex than ever. My husband and I are blocked on Facebook from some of his family but yet they keep this ex as their Facebook  friend and is closer to her than they are with us. This whole situation eats at my husband every day, he feels so betrayed by all his friends and family by sticking to his ex over him. His own blood chooses this woman over him and it eats him up. I know my mother in law doesn’t like me, she hates me for coming into the picture and she feels like I’m the reason my husband doesn’t want to keep this ex around, even though he had expressed his feelings against her before we met. My mothee in law had only seen her grandson once in the hospital when he was born but because of this drama work the ex girlfriend, she doesn’t have a relationship with her own son or  grandson. I wish there was an end to all this is we could finally have peace in our minds. I have no idea why she would mention a DNA test to my husband, it makes me wonder if the ex planted that thought in my mother in law’s head. Either way, it was not the warm welcoming you would expect from my son’s grandma.